#30 Taking A Break

Feeling trapped in your mind can be a fearful thing

You’re closed off from the world and yourself

As if your voice box if being suffocated by thin ice

Your sense of reality is lost and you’re too tired to fight

That’s how life is sometimes, but I’ll tell you the same thing I tell myself every day ” Don’t get stuck in your mind, don’t let your perceptions of what if’s get you…. Don’t stay in that place for too long”

This is my first and final #BowlOfPositivy for the month of June and probably for a long time.   It’s very befitting that its the 30th of June and it’s my 30th post.

Every day I pass the bowl of positivity and I want to reach in but some force stops me, I feel too tired to fight, as if my energy been bound. That’s not a good thing, maybe its life or maybe it the things happening around me but I feel as if I need to work on my internal and external self so I’m taking a break. Its good to take breaks, it doesn’t make you weak or cowardly to say you need to stop and/or seek help. So on this last post, I give you two beautiful life lessons/reminders:

Today’s #BowlOfPositivy simply say’s SUNSHINE

I looked up the word(I know odd) and here are two definitions

a place where the direct rays of the sun fall &brightness or radiance

  • Reminder/Lesson1: “If you knew yourself for even one moment, if you could just glimpse your most beautiful face, maybe you wouldn’t slumber so deeply in that house of clay. Why not move into your house of joy and shine into every crevice! For you are the secret Treasure-bearer, and always have been. Didn’t you know?” -Rumi
  • Reminder/Lesson 2: “You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness. You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don’t. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly.” ~ Rumi

In essence: You are the sunshine, you are the light, you radiate, and everything is in you. You are not smaller this world, you are the world. 

I hope this post and the blog helped you in some way or another. Though this is my last post(for now) I just want to say, thank you to all who followed, commented, and liked.



Image result for gif of bowing down

One last thing, enjoy this beautiful music recommendation



This post was brought to you by Joycelyn D Ghansah 🙂 


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