#10 Believe

 Welcome to the 2nd #BowlOfPositivity Weekend Edition

I hope your week was fun and fulfilling and that you were able to accomplish everything you needed to *even if you didn’t, remember that you tried your best* 🙂

This wonderful #BowlOfPositivity quote comes from David Sedaris (Author, humorist, and comedian) 

“If I could believe in myself, why not give other improbabilities the benefit of the doubt? From Me Talk Pretty

Believe in yourself, trust your judgment, give yourself the benefit of the doubt. There is a sticky note attached to this quote which says:

I believe:

-I am great

-A can do it

-I am here

-I am able  *to achieve*

Remember these words today and any other day. I leave you with three things

  1. A message from myself that says” This year, work on ridding yourself of self-doubt, there’s no “cure” or easy step but let’s continue to work on ridding our minds of self-doubt and closing ourselves off from amazing opportunities.
  2.  A Haiku Everyday Weather  *Press the link to be redirected*

capture_2017-02-18-12-34-14-1.png.png3. And A Song By The Spice Girls *just because we all need some Color & Spice in our lives*


Have a fantastic weekend!


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